Maricruz Caldwell

Pre K 3 & Pre K 4

From Valencia, Venezuela

I was born in Valencia, Venezuela. I am Chef in international cuisine; and a pastry chef in Panama City, Panama . 

Once I moved to this country, four years ago, I discovered my passion, and love for working with children, especially toddlers. I’ve been studying, training and preparing myself to become a better professional, and a few months ago I finally  got my CDA certificate. I was working for two years in the infant classroom at Tabula Rasa School. 

I have a daughter and a son. I am really hoping to become a grandmother sometime (hopefully soon), but they are not sure about it yet, however I feel like I have a lot of grandchildren, when I work  with the kids at the school. I have a dog called Mia, and I love her with all my heart. 

I hope that we can build a nice relationship, you guys, your families and us (the teachers), and that we can work together as a team to guide and help our kids to learn and develop new skills. I promise that I will take care of your children with love, responsibility and dedication. I am very excited to start working at Young Linguist Academy