Veronica Horton

Pre K 3

Country – Ecuador

My name is Veronica Horton and I am the new Spanish teacher for Pk-3 . I was born and raised in Ecuador.

Let me tell you a little bit of Ecuador: it is a beautiful country rich in flora and fauna. We are located in the middle of the world and we have the amazing Gal√°pagos Islands, where Charles Darwin had his revolutionary discoveries about evolution. I come from the Andes mountains that crosses throughout most of South America and of course, our main language is Spanish, along many indigenous dialects.

I came to the USA after finishing college a long time ago, to embark on a new adventure here and I decided after a while to make a new life in the United States after falling in love with this amazing country.

My first port of entrance was New York, where I studied English for one year and after that I moved to live with an American family where I practiced my English. I joined Norwalk Community College where I completed my ESL and courses related to my field.

When I moved to Atlanta 10 years ago, I noticed a great need and interest in learning Spanish from most American families. I decided to contribute with the richness of the language.

I started working as a Spanish tutor with kids from private schools, teaching the culture and using important tools such as reading and conversations to help to improve and help make the language their own.

I have also worked with different after school programs alongside the school helping in tutoring refugee children in Clarkston.

I am married and have a beautiful 15 month old daughter. We speak different languages at home but we are introducing Spanish and Italian to our daughter.

We believe in the importance of children learning other languages for their future. Learning a language not only opens a new door for new opportunities but also opens their minds to a world that has no limits.

I encourage the opportunity you are giving your child by having been part of a prestigious center such as Young Linguist Academy, where seeds are being planted for their brightest future.