Eddibeth Arteaga

Pre K2

Country – Maracaibo Venezuela

My name is Eddibeth Arteaga, I was born in Maracaibo Venezuela, located in the west of the country, where there is a wonderful flora and fauna, and we have the largest oil reserves in the world and a majestic lake that is crossed by an incredible bridge, the second largest in all of Latin America.  I grew up in a wonderful city, and I graduated as a Customs Administrator-mention (Foreign Trade). I got married and we made the decision to migrate to this beautiful and amazing country, United States, where there are a lot of opportunities to progress. My family has received many blessings from this country, and I am grateful to be here. 


I arrived in 2015 with 6 months of pregnancy, I have a wonderful 5 year old son, who has been my teacher and my motivation to start to work with Childcare education. I got My CDA certificate (CERTIFICATE OF CHILD DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE) in order to provide a better education, teaching and values, my method of teaching is LEARN BY PLAYING I am passionate about what I do, and I love teaching.  As a teacher I aspire that at the end of each of my classes my children acquire a series of healthy skills and knowledge, and in this way my aspirations as a teacher regarding the future of my students is that they cultivate that range of values ​​and moral principles, so they can perform in any field since they are the future of tomorrow, I am the teacher of pre-k 2 (the superheroes).