Health and Safety Our First Priority

School may look a little different now. So, we are doing every thing to provide a healthy, safe, and clean environment. It all starts at the front door with keeping our children and staff safe in a clean space.

temperature check

Temperture Check

Touchless temperatures are taken upon drop off; both students and staff.

limited entry

Limited Access

Parents and visitors cannot enter the classroom.

hands washed

Washing Hands

Children will have hands washed upon drop off.



Daily health monitoring text messages sent to staff and families.

small groups

Small Groups

Small group sizes; under 10 for each classroom

We continue to work closely with our expert medical advisors, and follow CDC guidelines on protocols for centers in communities that are slowly lifting some restrictions. 

If you or your child feel sick, stay home. Displaying any signs of illness or signs COVID-19? We ask that all household members stay home until they’ve been symptom-free without medication for at least 48 hours.

To ensure the wellness of our families we have put in place the additional measures for safety:

  • Health screenings: Parents and staff will answer some health screening questions at daily, and we will monitor staff and student health throughout the day. 
  • School closures: As a resort of any notice of a member having COVID, we will close the school for 2 weeks. In which there will be a deep deep deep cleaning process that will be held.
  • Nap-time adjustments: Children will continue to sleep six feet apart whenever possible and be positioned alternating head to toe or toe to toe. Bedding will be washed nightly. Stuffed toys and personal items will be sent home nightly for laundering to help combat germs in the center. 
  • No shoes: To limit any dirt or viruses we are requiring all staff and students to bring shoes that will only be worn within the facility. No outside shoes will be brought within the classrooms. 
  • Playground: Outdoor play structures will be utilized by one class at a time, with increased time between play to allow for thorough cleaning of all surfaces.